What are your membership options?

We have several options for membership

1. Monthly Unlimited-Attend as many classes as you like each month. You also receive your own set of exercise bands. Cost $59 per month

2. Monthly 3 classes per week-Attend any three morning classes per week month. Cost $55 per month

3. Monthly 2 classes per week-Attend any two morning classes per week each month. Cost $49 per month

4. 10 class pass- Attend 10 class when ever you want. Passes expire after 6 months. Cost $110

5. Summer Teachers Special- Attend as many classes as you wish between Memorial day and Labor day. Cost $150

6. Evening classes- 12 week sessions run in the fall and winter. Classes. Contact for more details

7. Maternity Leave Special- This membership is designed with the working mom in mind. You may join once you get your 6 week clearance from your doctor. Membership is for 6 weeks. Cost $75