Starting over

Two months ago, I had my second c-section and met my daughter, Halligan. I'm just starting to get back to a normalish routine. By normalish I mean that we leave the house sometimes, and I've been to the grocery store twice. I don't know much about recovering from a vaginal birth, but life after a c-section, and then another c-section, is no joke. My abdomen was all kind of stabby for weeks. I was cleared for exercise by my doctor at six weeks, but let's be honest; at six weeks I was just getting back to wearing my regular underwear and not the granny panties I bought to avoid irritating my incision.

Halligan is nine weeks old and I have worked out a total of six times. Having been in good shape when I got pregnant, I was expecting to bounce back this time. I gained less weight this pregnancy and stayed modestly active. Yet at my six week checkup, I weighed exactly the same as I did at six weeks after my first pregnancy. And I'm winded quickly and sore often when I exercise. But I'm cutting myself some slack and not getting discouraged, because I spent 41 weeks and 3 days making a person. My body needs some recovery time after all that, especially when that person came out of a hole in my belly.

The twelve weeks after you have a baby can very well be considered a fourth trimester. I know that if there were four it would be quartermaster or something, but hush. The point is that we shouldn't expect our lives to be back to normal right after birth or six weeks after birth or even twelve weeks after. We need time to get used to taking care of a baby and for our bodies to recover from making and birthing one. So I'm spending the next few weeks easing myself back into exercise. Getting to Stroller Strides when I can, and not focusing on how fast or strong I am when I'm there; just celebrating the victory of actually getting there with two kids.